This very organically lightsculpture comes with 57 small bulbs, perforating the dried shell of a giant pumpkin. A very harmonic and zen-like design element that does not need light to create a pleasant atmosphere!

Dimensions & technical info:
W 50cm D28cm H 45cm
55 X 60mA - 12V
comes with 12V - 240V AC/DC

Dear visitor, welcome on this page! There's a few things I would like you to know:

a) Shipping:

For shipping inside Europe, there's a vast fix included in the selling price. For shipping outside Europe, please contact me at contact@waldodegroote.be for further information. I will be glad to help you as soon as I can with precise information about transport, costs and duration of the shipment.

b) Packaging:

Knowing these sculptures are delicate constructions, I will do everything that needs to be done to guarantee safe and proper packaging! It might be possible a piece (or a few pieces) need to be removed to guarantee this. If so, there will be a note telling you how to easily remount them.

c) Payment.

Due to the small scale of this shop, we only provide paypal as a payment option. For other possiblities, please contact me at contact@waldodegroote.be. I'm sure there will be an easy solution to fix this!

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